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Virtual Drone Conferences: Lessons Learned from the Commercial UAV Expo 2020

Linda McLauglin, Conference Program Manager for Diversified Communications provides insights into this year’s expo, some of the topics that were covered, and a few lessons learned from the online event.

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Romeo Durscher, Director of Public Safety Integration


Mosquitoes, Trends and public Safety Use of Drones

Romeo Durscher, Director of Public Safety Integration at DJI. talks about drones in public safety, current trends in the industry, a DJI product update and how drones helping to combat mosquito borne diseases.

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Innovating With Drones to Save Lives

Desiree Matel-Anderson talks about the Field Innovation Team and Global Disaster Innovation Group, how drones are used to solve challenging problems in real time situations, her new book, called Future Survivor, and how we can become better at creating innovative response to our communities challenges. 

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