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How Drones Are shaking up sailboat racing

Dr. Tulinda Larsen, CEO of Skylark Drone Research, talks about how drones are used in sailboat race management. She also shares two new exciting program offerings of Women and Drones, namely a new membership program and job boards for Women and Drone members.

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Lisa Ellman, Executive Director

Commercial Drone Alliance

How does the Commercial Drone Industry view the proposed Remote ID Rule?

Lisa Ellman, Executive Director of the Commercial Drone Alliance shares the organization’s view of the proposed Remote ID rule as well as other initiatives the Alliance is currently involved to push the industry forward.

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Dr. Parimal Kopardekar and Dr. Misty Davies

NASA Ames Research Center

What is NASA Doing To Support the Drone Industry?

Dr. Parimal Kopardekar and Dr. Misty Davies of the NASA Ames Research Center provide an update on the work NASA is doing to support unmanned aerial systems. Don’t miss this informative podcast.

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