Category: Economic

Using Drones To Restore Consumer Confidence

Anthony Molzahn, Project Phoenix

Can Drones Help to Restore Consumer Confidence in this Time Of the Coronavirus?

Anthony Molzahn of Project Phoenix, shares his insights into how drone operators are adapting to business under the Coronavirus, how the North Dakota Department of Commerce is encouraging local businesses to deploy measures that will restore consumer confidence and how drone businesses are using the technology to create value, while supporting economic stability.

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The Genius NY Accelerator and Drones

Jon Parry (Genius NY) & Ryan Pleskach (ResilienX)

Can the Genius NY Accelerator Help Launch Your UAS Startup?

Jon Parry talks about the Genius NY program and how it’s advancing the creation of innovative UAS companies.  Joining Jon is Ryan Pleskach, Founder and COO of Resilienx one of the companies in the current cohort..

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