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Jovan Tanasijevic and Jamie Wiener

Boston Drone Film Festival

Are you ready for the Boston Drone Film Festival?

Jovan Tanasijevic and Jamie Wiener of the Boston Drone Film Festival talk about the history of the event, this year’s schedule and how we can attend and participate in the virtual film festival. 

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From Helicopters To Drones – The Successful Aerial Photography Career

Noted aerial photographer, Fiona Lake, talks about helicopter and drone aerial photography, what to look for in a drone training program, and she offers insights into a variety of aerial photography questions, most importantly, how one can develop a successful, long-term career in photography. 

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Augmented Reality and Drones

Brian Streem CEO Vermeer

Using Augmented Reality to Plan Your Drone Shots

Brian Streem CEO and Founder of Vermeer, and talks about the company’s augmented reality drone solution and how people can get the exact video or image they are seeking without ever having to fly a drone.

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Value of Building Relationships

Nicole Abbett, Drone Videographer

How to use relationship building to create a successful drone business?

Nicole Abbett talks about her path from artist/photographer to droneographer, and shares how building strong relationships has landed her some great opportunities.

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