The Virtual Commercial UAV Expo

Lisa Murray, Diversified Communications

Connecting Via the Virtual UAV Expo

Lisa Murray talks about plans by Diversified Communications to hold this year’s Commercial UAV Expo and the UAV Expo Europe online, in a virtual format. We talk about how the decision to go virtual came about, the challenges of taking a live event into the online realm and what attendees can expect at this year’s shows.

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Using Drones To Restore Consumer Confidence

Anthony Molzahn, Project Phoenix

Can Drones Help to Restore Consumer Confidence in this Time Of the Coronavirus?

Anthony Molzahn of Project Phoenix, shares his insights into how drone operators are adapting to business under the Coronavirus, how the North Dakota Department of Commerce is encouraging local businesses to deploy measures that will restore consumer confidence and how drone businesses are using the technology to create value, while supporting economic stability.

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Advice From Entrepreneurs on Creating A Successful Drone Enterprise

Anthony Molzahn, Brendan Stewart, Lorenz Meier, Robert Dalhstrom, Michael Chasen, Josh Ziering, Alan Beach, Jono Millen and others share their advice to starting and building a successful business in the drone industry.

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Long Distance Drone Delivery

Daniel Buchmueller, Volansi

What’s the market for long-distance drone delivery service?

Daniel Buchmueller, CTO of Volansi, talks about the company’s long-distance drone service, the Voly C-10 and M-20 long-distance delivery drones and how the company successfully found a niche serving clients engaged in operations located in remote areas.

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Fighting Sea Level Rise With Drones

Dania Montenegro, Flying Labs Panama

Can Drones Help in the Battle Against Rising Seas?

Dania Montenegro of Flying Labs Panama talks about how drones are helping the residents of Gardi Sugdub mitigate the impacts of climate change and sea level rise. More than 1,000 residents will relocate from their tiny island and drones are helping community leaders map out their new community on the mainland.

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