Jovan Tanasijevic and Jamie Wiener

“To be nominated in a category by some of your toughest critics, your peers, it should be a milestone achievement for anyone from newbies to seasoned pros. So I hope that filmmakers see value in both the community that’s growing and also a sense of verification that people really appreciate their hard work, their early mornings, you know, to get that shot.”

Jovan Tanasijevic

HIs Week’s Key Question

“What do we need to know about attending the Boston Drone Film Festival?”

This Week’s Guests

Jovan Tanasijevic and Jamie Wiener are with the Boston Drone Film Festival.  Jovan is founder of the festival and director at Above Summit, a production studio specializing in drone cinematography.  Jamie is the Festival Director.  The Boston Drone Film Festival celebrates the creative pursuit of international drone cinematographic and drone photographers from around the world.  Serving as a platform for talented drone content creators, the Boston Drone Film Festival hopes to inspire a new generation to push the limits of what’s creatively possible with the technology. 

What We Learn

Jovan and Jamie talk about the history of the Boston Drone Film Festival, this year’s schedule and how we can attend and participate in the virtual event. 

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