marque-cornblattlgHave you ever wondered what it would be like to race a drone through an obstacle course or battle bots in the air?  Today’s guest is Marque Cornblatt, CEO of Game of Drones, a drone aerial company based in San Francisco.  Marque has been specializing in robotics, digital media & viral marketing, telepresence and conceptual technology for several years.  In 2012, he co-founded Game of Drones, a game and entertainment company focused on UAV’s.  Through its innovative approach, Game of Drones demystifies UAV’s while sharing design, engineering and friendly combat games through fun, inexpensive projects for the whole family.  The company recently launched the Aerial Sports League, and Marque is now turning his attention to making Games of Drones the dominant drone entertainment company in the world.

In This Episode

  • (01:08) What is Game of Drones and how Mark got into the drone gaming business.
  • (04:36) The rules of drone combat and how you can become a better pilot by playing them games.
  • (07:54) How drone racing works and why it’s growing in popularity.
  • (09:13) Who is coming to drone games?  Hint:  It’s not who you think it is.
  • (10:21) Where can you find a Game of Drones event?  Would you like to start your own league?
  • (11:55) What makes the Game of Drones “Hero” airframe so incredible and why is it poised to change the drone industry?
  • (18:04) What is it that attracts people to drone games?
  • (19:04) Where is the drone industry headed and next steps for Game of Drones?
  • (21:38) Closing

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The nearly indestructible Game of Drones Hero air frame in action.

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