Achal Negi

his Week’s Key Question

“What’s the latest in drone-in-a-box solutions?

This Week’s Guests

Achal Negi is head of business development for Flytebase and Curt Lary is lead engineer and CEO for Hextronics.  Flytbase is a Silicon Valley company that has build the world’s first internet-of-drones platform to automate and scale drone operations.  Hextronics is an engineering and manufacturing company that designs and produces scalable autonomous drone hardware solutions in a cost-effective manner.  Both companies are leaders in their respective verticals, and they formed a partnership to produce a powerful low-cost autonomous drone-in-a-box solution. 

What We Learn

Achal and Curt talk about Flytbase and Hextronics, their drone-in-a-box product and software, and the future of autonomous drone operations.

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