dronejobThe Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) estimates that within the first three years of integration, the drone industry will generate more than 70,000 jobs in the United States.  Getting one of those jobs will be a priority for many.

Tariq Rashid is a former Navy helicopter pilot who snagged one of those drone based jobs and is now working for Skyward, an information management company for today’s unmanned vehicle systems.  In an interview with the Drone Radio Show, Tariq provides some advice for others who are looking for a career with the drone industry.  These include:

  • Do a lot of research into the industry (things are changing fast);
  • Go to an industry conference and network with companies and individuals in the industry;
  • Join a local unmanned vehicle systems Meet Up group for ongoing networking;
  • Start flying a drone – it can be an inexpensive drone, but the point is practice with the technology and fly with a purpose to master flight.

And for those that want a job in the drone industry, but don’t actually want to be a pilot, Tariq offers this observation, “If you want to get into drones, you can get in at point in the pipeline, whether that’s flying them, building them or taking the data from the sensors and turning it into something that people can use.”  The key point, according to Tariq, is to get started and immerse yourself into the drone industry.

Hear the full interview with Tariq Rashid here:

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