Desi EksteinThis week on the Drone Radio Show, I interviewed Desi Ekstein, a drone enthusiast from Lake Elsinore, California. Desi imparted so much information that is was hard to nail down the three most important take-a-ways. I would encourage you to listen to the entire episode, but if you don’t have the time, this is what I pick up from our interview.

  • One-Step-At-A-Time: Desi possesses a wealth of information on flying drones, but it didn’t’ occur overnight. She took everything one-step-at-a-time built her experience on what she learned before. After four years, she has mastered flying, taking great images, applying for a Section 333 exemption, creating a new business and educating young people on flying drones safety. It takes time, but the rewards are worth it.
  • Connect With Like Minded People: Desi’s connections with She Drones and Amelia Droneharts illustrate how important connecting with peer groups can be in the drone industry, particularly for women. Such peer groups offer a high level of support and expertise that can’t be found anywhere else. Those entering the drone field would be well served by reaching out and connecting with these organizations.
  • Give Back: It doesn’t matter where your at, there are ways to give back to the community. For Desi, it was creating an educational program in her home community. Giving back is one way to advance your own growth in the industry, while helping others find their way.

The full interview can be heard here.

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