stilesbrd As the popularity of drones increases, so do the legal questions surrounding their use. From privacy, liability and FAA regulations, commercial drone operators need to understand the legal lay of the land.

On this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Phil Stiles, an attorney specializing in drone law and the co-founder, President and General Counsel of an FAA approved drone company named SkyViewHD, talks about the legal issues that commercial drone operators should consider as they develop their drone based business. A must hear podcast for anyone thinking about a commercial drone enterprise.

Show Outline

  • [01:21] Introduction to Phil Stiles, Drone Lawyer
  • [02:03] FAA Requirements. The key legal issues facing commercial drone operators is navigating FAA regulations particularly, the distance requirements for operating a drone, requirements of the COA, monthly reporting, notification of flights, etc.
  • [06:01] Privacy Concerns. Almost every state has a privacy law and drone operators need to be aware of the respective requirements, prohibitions and proof of damage in regard to privacy.
  • [09:18] Liability. Commercial drone operators need to understand personal and property liabilities associated with operation of their drones.
  • [11:02] Stifling Regulations. Phil discusses some of the potential types of regulations that could stifle economic growth of the industry
  • [12:33] Training. A training program for commercial operators is good, but the delivery of that program needs to be handled efficiently. Non-commercial drone owners require special considerations. The goal is achieving responsible use.
  • [14:07] Product Liability. Phil touches upon the liability that falls to manufactures and what could be done to produce safer drones.
  • [16:21] Drone Law. Not very many people that understand drone law and commercial operators might benefit by working with a qualified drone attorney rather than interpreting drone laws themselves.
  • [17:51] Closing

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